Signs of the Apocalypse

Well, Bright Club went pretty well I think, some people laughed at least once, plus I received some surprisingly enthusiastic support from the two heavy metal fans in the audience who enjoyed my Kreator t-shirt. I will put up something about the science behind my talk later when I have access to a more reliable internet connection. Everyone else was fabulous, plus I have now experienced the joys of Stephen Friz Frizzle, comedy songsmith extraordinaire. See him if you get the chance – his next gig is in Newcastle at Bar Loco on Sunday 1st July.

Skeptics in the Pub were ready for further geek comedy in the form of Helen Arney yesterday. Her arrival sparked scenes of apocalyptic devastation in Newcastle, an unexpected intense downpour and rather spectacular thunder and lightning managing to cripple the entire North East’s transport systems in the space of about twenty minutes. As such we had a somewhat smaller than expected turnout, but Helen was very relaxed about the whole thing and took the opportunity to try out some new material on us. Sounds like her Edinburgh show is going to be a corker. Attend.

I am currently heading back dahn sahth for the weekend, a day later than expected because of the biblical storms, and may pop along to the Henley regatta. I have never been, because it sounds horrific, but with enough Pimms it could be amusing. We shall see.