Newcastle Bright Club

IT’S TONIGHT, AND I’M SPEAKING! Wed 27th June 2012, 7.30pm at the Black Swan (on Westgate Road near the Academy), the “thinking person’s variety night” returns to bring you a fragrant blend of music, research and comedy.

We had a little rehearsal last night and I can tell you all now that you are in for a right good treat, as the other speakers at least are fabulous. Helen Keen returns to compère – she’s been helping us out with our sets, so to be honest you can blame her if you don’t enjoy it. I have to say, talking to a comedian about your own jokes is a strangely intimidating experience, even though she is both very nice and very helpful.

I’m going to be speaking about network science and the brain. It will be sexed-up to the point that Labour will want to use it to force through policy decisions if they ever manage to weasel back into power. Sod the football, come to Bright Club.

P.S. If you’re interested in either network science or the brain, or both, have a look at our lab’s web-site. These articles are good overviews of using network science to learn more about the brain:

Organization, development and function of complex brain networks

A tutorial in connectome analysis