I have been neglecting my writing duties, for which I apologise. Sorry you two.

I’ve been all over the place of late: Copenhagen visiting friends at the end of July, from whence we drove to the Wacken metal festival┬áin Germany (best shows: Nasum, Kylesa, Volbeat). This proved true and brutal, as usual, but particularly so this year because of the mud baths created by the aggressive precipitation. Still managed to come back with a sun tan. After a fleeting visit to Hamburg, I spent most of the next week recovering, then undid most of that recovery with a visit to my sister for birthday celebrations, followed by a truly wonderful gig by Refused in London. I have a total man crush on the vocalist. The return to Newcastle on Monday took six hours: our train broke down. I managed to read a Viz from cover-to-cover though, so it wasn’t time entirely wasted.

This week I have been mostly analysing electrophysiology data from our experimental collaborators (details to follow, tomorrow maybe…), partly using a nice little toolbox for Matlab called Chronux. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be under active development – the last release was in 2008 – as it has some nice functionality, but needs a little tidying up in places (one of the main authors, Partha Mitra, has co-authored a very interesting and useful book on neural data analysis and some philosophical background, but his web-site seems mysteriously inactive). If anyone knows any more details, please comment!

Passed out body

Do not pass out at Wacken