Oh, those gays and their “marriage”

Following the wonderful and happy Xmas messages from Archbishop Vincent Nichols* and the Pope**, we have judge and founder of pseudo-charity The Marriage Foundation*** Sir Paul Coleridge weighing in on the same-sex marriage “debate”:

“So much energy and time has been put into this debate for 0.1% of the population, when we have a crisis of family breakdown.”

A few questions:

  • Since when was it considered a chore to grant people equal rights? We could reduce the expenditure of precious time and energy by ignoring the people that the changes won’t affect (i.e. everyone arguing against same-sex marriage rights), but perhaps that would be considered “undemocratic”. Or “Orwellian“.
  •  What is the threshold percentage population that we should bother with when discussing equal rights? 0.11%? 1%? 6%?
  • If Sir Paul Coleridge had actually looked up the number of gay people in Britain, would he have used this to inform his percentage estimate, or would he have continued to make shit up****?
  • If same-sex marriage were legalised, would The Marriage Foundation then take an official position on it?

Visit the Coalition for Equal Marriage.


* in which we discover that the head of the Catholic Church in this country thinks that granting equal rights to minority groups means that we are living in an Orwellian nightmare
** fuck the pope
*** seriously, have a read of their aims*****
****along with Archbishop Nichols – 7:1 against gay marriage my balls
***** legal disclaimer: I’m not saying the charity is fake; I’m saying that I don’t consider an organisation dedicated to pushing a narrow-minded moral agenda to be worthy of charitable status******
****** though private schools manage to keep charitable status, so it takes all sorts*******
******* I enjoy this asterisk lark, as you might have noticed