Guess the mystery device!

COMPETITION! Guess the mystery item at the bottom of the post. Prize available. See below.

Further neglect arising from a delightful holiday in Sicily and a 4 day course on FSL in Bristol. FSL is a tool for analysing fMRI, MRI and DTI brain imaging data, and it’s pretty nifti*. This isn’t really anything to do with what I work on, but it’s nice to have a bit more knowledge about the various tools and methods that go into these kinds of imaging analyses, especially for understanding imaging papers. Bristol is rather nice, too:

Bristol Cathedral

We walked past the Cathedral every morning, which was delightful


"Do NOT put chewing gum in the urinals - this causes blockages and flooding [and it ruins the flavour]"

Chemistry department toilets

This device is in the Bristol Clinical Research and Imaging Centre. If you leave a comment with an amusing guess, I may send you a prize. This prize may be good, or not. People that I’ve told the answer to, don’t spoil it. Also, no Googling. Points for creativity.

The Mystery Device

If you can guess what this is, I will give you a prize


*I’m sorry.